• “I came in with a frozen shoulder diagnosis and was in excruciating pain and unable to even lift my arm above my chest. Sheri assessed it as a bicep tendinopathy and treated me with such tenderness and understanding…She has a hands-on approach that is slow and methodical and in 6 weeks I am almost completely healed and almost 100% range of motion. Best PT experience ever!”

    Charrie S.

  • “I am 80 years old and trying to avoid surgery and the highly trained, wonderful staff have helped me to beat the surgeon! I could not lift my coffee cup above my shoulder to put it in the microwave, but now I can! Thank you APT!”

    Mike T.

  • “Thank you so much for being able to diagnose my problem and fix it! The pain…was the worst pain and I was unable to do hardly anything. I appreciate all the therapy you have done to get me back to normal. Thank you so much!”

    Linda C.

  • “Before I started (PT) I had trouble sleeping without shoulder pain. Now I have no pain at night, I am able to raise my arms above my head which I was unable before PT. I am very pleased with my progress. Thanks!”

    Ronny V.

  • “The experience at APT has been awesome!! When I began PT my pain was great and I could not reduce the pain through my own effort…I have knowledge to take with me that will help me control my pain. Thank you to all who helped!!”

    John B.

  • “When I first started PT I couldn’t bend over or stand, sit or lay down for very long. Now I can bend over all the way, I can play with my kids again. I can move and not be in constant pain.”

    Kristy M.

  • “My 3rd time here with both shoulders and now my back. Very much satisfied. Lots of pain and very limited in what I could do. Came in on a walker and now I walk on my own”

    Martin S.

  • “Awesome group of people! Every member in my house has been successfully treated and rehabilitated at APT. Thank you for all you do!”

    Connie B.

  • “I have used APT for about 20 years with great success! They helped me each time I went. It’s the only place I will go for my therapy needs. Thanks APT!!”

    Renaye C.

  • “Great place to rehab an injury. Always prompt for appointment times, very friendly staff. Very comfortable place to start the healing. Five stars.”

    Corey H.

  • “I got an ‘A’ from the doc today. Folks they will treat you right!!!! I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for therapy.”

    Greg H.

  • “You have been a blessing during my visits and each one of you show so much care and compassion for each patient. Thank you.”

    Rhonda W.

  • “I am so very grateful for all you did for me!. Thanks for fixing me!”

    Sue H.